Hey Matt, I put something together for your team.

Illustrated below by Forrest Gump.

– John DeLeon, Principal | Leverage.Capital


















Forrest Gump merging with work? Guess, “life is like a box of chocolates.”

5 minute walk-through video’s below.

– Forrest Gump, Founder | Bubba Gump Company Shrimp Co.































Dashboard for associates, closers, closing coordinators, etc.















Dashboard for relationship managers, partners, clients, etc.























































































































This is a standalone web app that does not store scanned documents or integrate with other management systems. If you have existing software/systems in place to handle a variety of daily and regulatory tasks, please keep those systems in place and use this as an additional tool to increase the certainty of execution through the due diligence stage between letter of intent (LOI) and closing.













I put this together to help teams like yours increase the certainty of execution while managing the issues and complexities of completing assignments.

Shoot me an email or text and I’ll double the free premium trial for your team.

– john@