Track closing
due diligence
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A really simple web app

for someone working on closing due diligence,



someone monitoring closings for their clients.













People who don't work on due diligence ... but monitor their clients' closings

If you’re vested in closings and want more oversight, without annoying followups, grab a free account and see if it helps.

For people who work on closing due diligence regularly

If you’re often overseeing closing due diligence, try the free trial and see if it makes your job easier and your team more productive.








Increase the certainty of execution












I’m John DeLeon (yeah, that’s me sitting on the bench) and I started Leverage.Capital because no one wants a deal to fall through late.


Leverage.Capital’s not an intermediary, capital source, or consulting service.


This is a web app that’s an easier version of closing due diligence checklists.


If you’re often overseeing closing due diligence, try the free trial and see if it makes your job easier and your team more productive.


If you’re vested in closings and want more oversight, without annoying followups, grab a free account and see if it helps.


An improved process without changing how you already work.































Here’s what this looks like …















5 minute walk-through video










Dashboard for associates, closers, closing coordinators, etc.










Dashboard for relationship managers, partners, clients, etc.




  • Close Deals ASAP
    Get from letter of intent (LOI) to final wire transfer as efficiently as possible.
  • Minimize Human Error
    Reduce the likelihood of manual entry mistakes, cut down input time, and improve organization.
  • Mobile Monitoring 24/7
    All interested parties can access closing updates from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Vendor Analytics
    Track 3rd party vendor analytics to discover the best values and quickest turnaround times.














From LOI to closing dinner as efficiently as possible.

Your business relies on closing deals as efficiently as possible. It’s in everyone’s best interest to get to the goal line as quickly and thoroughly as practical. Emailed daily to do lists to administrators and email updates to vested parties when outstanding items are closed, help make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. At-a-glance monitoring from anywhere there’s internet allows all interested parties to keep tabs on the progress of every outstanding item en route to closing.

Strengthen Relationships + Peace of Mind

Open communication can keep partners, clients, brokers, principals, and other vested parties confident about their business. Having access to real-time status updates provides peace of mind without the need for regular phone call and email follow-ups. Providing convenient real-time online updates may currently be a unique distinguishing service, but it’s positioned to become an industry expectation.





Drive the transaction to a successful close.

  • Term sheet
    It's taken a team effort to get an agreeable term sheet produced. Closing is just a few steps away.
  • letter of intent (LOI)
    An executed LOI is a huge step towards closing. The next step is managing closing due diligence to complete the assignment.
  • Leverage.Capital
    Increase the certainty of execution by introducing a tool to organize and automate the due diligence stage that occurs between LOI and closing.
  • Closing
    The finish line, closing. Once all the due diligence has been put to rest, it's the culmination of a team effort worthy of a celebration.









competitive advantage.
Leverage.Capital allows clients to provide a competitive advantage when dealing with the issues and complexities associated with completing assignments.
  • vested party account
    Always Free
    • Who this plan is for ⤵
    • A plan for anyone vested in tracking the closing process: relationship managers, clients, etc.
    • Who this plan is for ⤴
    • View projects/deals (unlimited)
    • Calendar view of expected due diligence item collection dates.
    • Optional email updates when closing due diligence checklist items are completed
    • Status bar executive summaries
    • Access closing item notes
    • Search database
    • View most recent activity
    • Search project contacts
    • Unlimited free setup and support
  • premium admin account
    • Who this plan is for ⤵
    • A plan for anyone managing closing due diligence checklists: associates, closers, closing coordinators, etc.
    • Who this plan is for ⤴
    • 30-day free trial (limited time offer)
    • Create projects to track deals (unlimited)
    • Share monitoring access with vested parties (unlimited)
    • Access vendor analytics
    • Automatically generate daily to do lists
    • Build due diligence closing checklists
    • Unlimited free setup and support









“When asked the most important qualities they look for … the most popular response was certainty of execution.”













Frequently Asked Questions






What is Leverage.Capital?

Software to help financial intermediaries earn referral and repeat business by increasing the certainty of execution for debt and equity placements.

At its core, it’s a tool to organize and automate the due diligence stage that occurs between a signed letter of intent (LOI) and closing. By streamlining workflow and easing collaboration, our clients are better able to serve their clients.



How is this going to increase the certainty of execution?

Improved communication and reduced risk of human error equates to increased certainty of execution while driving transactions to close successfully.



How is this going to improve work-life balance.

Streamlined efficiencies and an improved ability to work effectively from anywhere means more time for the important parts of life that aren’t work related.



How can Leverage.Capital help my business?

Reducing time intensive tasks, centralizing critical pieces of data through automation, and increasing communication are some of the ways we help our clients better serve their own clients.

Due diligence tracking is an essential step towards closing, but it can be time consuming and an organizational challenge.

Leverage.Capital (1) increases the certainty of execution, (2) saves time, (3) improves communication, (4) reduces human error, (5) provides vendor analytics and a searchable database, as well as (6) providing everyone involved with the best opportunity to close as efficiently as possible.


What does Leverage.Capital do?

Replaces and improves upon traditional due diligence tracking methods (e.g. spreadsheets), while automating a number of processes and providing several benefits for everyone involved without significantly adjusting existing workflow.


Specifically, how does Leverage.Capital work? What does it specifically do?

Whoever in your group is running point on tracking due diligence logs into their Leverage.Capital account online. Once logged in, they can add and manage projects through the intuitive interface, a system that’s quicker and easier to use than traditional methods (e.g. spreadsheets).

Clients, partners, relationship managers, and any other vested parties (associates, brokers, etc.) can at a glance see executive overviews as well as specific details about every deal working from signed LOI towards closing.

The software provides numerous benefits, like a searchable database and the option to automatically receive email updates when milestones are reached. Increasing automated processes allows you and your team to spend less time on administrative tasks and more energy where it should be directed.


How much does this cost?

It’s free for most users. Only project administrators require premium accounts of $100/month billed annually.


Is there a free trial?

Yes. A 30 day free trial for premium admin access. View user access is always free.


For this to be useful, should I be expecting at some point to be involved in the closing process after LOIs are executed?

Yes. This is for professionals who expect at some point to be vested in the closing process of a transaction that requires due diligence coordination before final closing.

This was designed specifically to get clients from letter of intent to closing dinner as efficiently as possible. Simply put, it’s a tool to organize and automate the due diligence stage that occurs between a signed letter of intent (LOI) and closing.


What does Leverage.Capital NOT do?

Leverage.Capital is not an “all in one solution” for every aspect of the lifecycle of a deal. It does not generate leads, underwrite deals, draft offering memorandums, produce term sheets, or make presentations to committees.

Leverage.Capital does not store scanned documents or integrate with other management systems. If you have existing software/systems in place to handle a variety of daily and regulatory tasks, please keep those systems in place and use Leverage.Capital as an additional tool to increase the certainty of execution through the due diligence stage between letter of intent (LOI) and closing.


What devices does Leverage.Capital work on?

It’s a website based account system like Gmail or any other website where you log into your account to access your information. It works wherever there’s internet and there’s nothing to download.


How secure is my information?

Data is stored utilizing the world-class server infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). With over a million clients, AWS supports the online presence for Fortune 500 companies ranging from General Electric (GE) to Netflix to BMW.


What’s the setup process like?

Quick and easy with nothing to download. Anyone can be up and running in minutes.


How does someone get started with Leverage.Capital?

(1) Sign up at – it’s not .com, it’s .capital
(2) Click “Register” in the upper right hand corner at
(3) You’ve now created a free account.

In order to create, update, and share access to projects with others, upgrade to an administrative account. Alternatively, someone else on your team with a premium account can share access with you.






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